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Welcome to Monahan Studio, a charming, inspiring art studio nestled in the Pacific Northwest woods. To visit here along a meandering creek that sparkles from the sun shining through the maple and evergreen trees is so special. It’s as if the view came to life from one of Nicole Monahan’s paintings.

Monahan Studio, evokes the serene ambiance of its lush surroundings. With a focus on nature, Nicole ensures every visitor feels inspired and connected to their environment which fosters creativity and emotional resonance, making it an ideal learning environment for all.


Whether you come for an illustration consultation, art class or a summer camp, the unique experience to be had at Monahan Studio is one full of natural beauty and wonder. Enrich your life with the benefits of art and nature at Monahan Studio.
Nicole Monahan, Illustrator

Nicole grew up with parents who supported her love of creating, whether it was painting a mural on the walls of her bedroom or building in her father's wood-shop. After graduating from University of Illinois, working as an Architect, and then as an Art Director in a Seattle Gallery, she returned to her natural illustrative style.

Today, Nicole creates art in her Pacific Northwest studio among the ferns and frogs where her focus is to bring the appreciation of nature and the web of life into our everyday moments through her illustrations. Her illustrations have been sought after around the world and are in stores, on products, published in books, and grace the walls in government municipalities as public art. Nicole also spreads the love of art through teaching around the world to people of all ages and supporting the next generation of artists.

When she is not creating art, she most likely will be found smiling away in the garden and greenhouse plotting her next great garden idea.
Logan Stremlow, Wholesale Manager

Logan has been capturing the attention of everyone he meets through his charming personality since he could walk and now can put this to good use as an adult in marketing. He is the brains and wit behind the wholesale division and keeps our stockist happy and coming back for more.

When he is not devoting time toward customer service, he is on the look out for the next best classic Volvo and is ready to talk shop with other Volvo enthusiasts.
Landon Stremlow, Sales

Landon is a naturalist at heart and is going to school for Marine Biology, so takes our commitment to the environment very seriously. He is always ready to help our potential customers find what they are looking for.

When not working, going to classes, or hiking the forests and beaches, he is cruising the roads on his bike looking for the most beautiful rural sunsets.
Cricket, Studio Greeter & Model 

Cricket loves to greet clients and students while watching for wildlife that walks by the studio. He thinks everyone is here to meet and draw him so he will sit on the table for an hour so you can draw while he models. Cricket is a certified therapy dog who looks forward to visit nursing homes, hospitals, and the occasional college campus to comfort people. Although all of this is super fun, he would probably most like to run through the forest on the lookout for other happy critters.

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